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I’m Farrel, I’m from East Texas, and I’m an author-in-the-making, a foodie, a lover of all things words, and wifey to the other half of my soul ♥

But above all else, I’m a daughter of the One True King, snatched from the fire by His amazing grace. My story, found throughout the pages of this space, is one of redemption, forgiveness, and our Father’s incredible, incomprehensible love.

Not because I’m special . . . But because He is.


My “why” is simple . . . To introduce a bruised and broken world to the One who wants to save it the same way He saved a wretch like me.

He has gifted me with an unquenchable passion for writing and communication that I enjoy using to share who He is to me with others.

It’s my hope that my story of redemption, healing, and forgiveness will uplift those around me, spread love in a darkening world, and most importantly, glorify His holy name.

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“They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony …”
–   Revelation 12:11   –