Love You More Than Life: A Memoir

"Love you more than life" originated when I was nine years old and Dad began writing me almost every day from Huntsville State Prison, signing off each letter with “LYMTL”. Little did he know how that simple catchphrase would foreshadow his last words – Prayers for Mom and I instead of for his own life to be saved – And unravel a thread of love and sacrifice that I would one day be able to trace throughout my entire existence.

It later became a new tattoo, a tribute that I chose to have permanently marked inside my lower lip. I often forget that it’s there, but I’ll never forget his love.

It was resurrected with my now-husband, Zack, when he made his final decision one night that pursuing a life together was worth whatever potential risks that both of us living with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic terminal illness that we were born with, might bring.

But most importantly, Christ embodied this truth when He took my sins upon Himself and died in my place, on the cross that I deserved, so that I may have the unearned privilege of walking daily and, one day, spending eternity with Him.

This is my story of a life almost lost,
My redemption and its cost,
And the lifelong discovery of Who my Real Dad really is,
Along with all that He created me to be…
Because He loves me more than life.

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